Oculus virtual desktop mac

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Oculus virtual desktop mac

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Do More with a VR Workspace

Community Hub. You can browse the web, watch movies, Netflix or even play games on a giant virtual screen. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. Guy Godin. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. VR Support. Publisher: Guy Godin.

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Items available for this game. Shop available items. See all.Watch movies, browse the web or play games on a giant virtual screen. Your PC in VR. Download Streamer App.

oculus virtual desktop mac

Get it on Steam. PC Version. Supported Headsets. Computer Requirements. Mobile Version. Oculus Quest Store. Windows 8. Release Notes. Version 1.

oculus virtual desktop mac

Frequently Asked Questions. The app fails to start. If you have Riva Tuner installed, set the detection level to 'None'. If you have anti-viruses other than Windows Defender, they could be preventing the app from launching correctly. I get an error on the desktop that says 'Unable to connect to the Virtual Desktop Service'. Your anti-virus or a problem with Windows is preventing the installation of the service.

To resolve this, add an exception to your anti-virus or go to the installation folder and try to manually install it by double-clicking 'VirtualDesktop. I can see the background environment but get a black screen instead of my desktop? This is most likely caused by the Windows Night light feature or by a third party app conflicting with Virtual Desktop such as Display Fusion or F.

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Turning off the feature or uninstalling those apps should resolve the problem. I get a black screen when trying to watch Netflix, Hulu or other streaming service? Using Firefox solves this problem. I get a black screen when trying to play videos? Set the preferred graphics processor to "High-performance Nvidia processor" globally or specifically for Virtual Desktop. See here. I get a message that says I need to install the Media Feature pack, where do I get it? Get it here.

How do I run Steam games in Virtual Desktop? Just start your games as you normally would and they should appear in Virtual Desktop. Can it connect to a Mac? In the meantime, you can use Parallels Desktop. Set the network mode to "Bridged" as explained here.

On older Macs, you might need to configure Parallels for "Design" or "Gaming" to make it work. The SteamVR streaming feature described below will not work with Parallels. You need to sideload Virtual Desktop after purchasing the app in the Oculus Store. This can be done easily by using SideQuest and following the instructions in the app.

You can also download the apk manually from here if you don't want to use SideQuest. You also need the Oculus Rift Software installed.Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email.

Of course, you can use your single Oculus Go or Gear VR controller to interact with screens like a mouse as well.

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Bluetooth peripherals have a bit more latency because of the bad Android Bluetooth stack but the Go controller is quite good Oculus wrote their own for it.

For the best streaming quality and latency, Godin suggests connecting to a wired computer via a 5 GHz WiFi router. Users will also be able to connect to up to four computers so you can switch between them on the fly, and also via the Internet so you can connect remotely. The mobile version does present a few notable limitations at the moment. Check out the video below for a quick tour of Virtual Desktop for Oculus mobile devices.

Love the mobile support! My ideal platform is a social chat space with collaborative environments and screensharing. This just needs the social support now. This would be a much more useful, and seemingly easily achieved, feature to me.

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Google is experimenting with this on Daydream! Awesome, thanks Niclas — looking forward to trying the Gear VR solution! It did get some coverage right after release thougn!

Thanks again!

How to install Oculus Quest Virtual Desktop new update & download Sidequest?

Monopoly is killing the tech. You should join it. Why would I want to view low-res 2D visuals in a VR space probably by myself, wearing a headset?

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Imagine a space slightly wider than your office chair, with a desk just large enough for a keyboard and trackpad or mouse while you stare off into a headset. The point of VR is immersion, and for me this thing with Virtual Desktop is all about a distraction-free way to do productive work I work in an open office layout co-working space. For others it seems to work great to get more engrossed in regular 2d games — that might or might not be played socially online.

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oculus virtual desktop mac

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VR Desktop

Image courtesy Virtual Desktop. Downvote King. Thanks for the link! Niclas Johansson. Fuzzy Wells. I have a gear vr and I enjoy exploring virtual 3D worlds. Am I missing something? Ty Hurd. Latest Headlines.However, one important subset of users is those who will play the game on Oculus Quest, either tethered via Oculus Link or wirelessly with the sideloaded version of Virtual Desktop. For these users, the biggest question is how the game runs on either service and which is better. I played my entire first playthrough of Half-Life: Alyx exclusively on Oculus Link, and then went back and tried a couple of select sections using Virtual Desktop after that.

In terms of which is better, the answer depends very much on the connection to your router. You can rely on Oculus Link to give you a solid experience with no latency right the way through.

Virtual Desktop, meanwhile, remains impressive from a technical standpoint, but your experience will be down to the quality of your connection. You can read more about Oculus Link compability over at Oculus Support. Provided you have a capable system, the performance is solid and I encountered very few technical problems, frame drops or glitches at all in my playthrough.

This stability is not something exclusive to playing via Oculus Link, but a byproduct of good performance across all headsets. Visually, the game is stunning and on Link this is no exception. That being said, there was some slightly noticeable compression which prevents the game from looking quite as clear is it does on other devices.

Overall, though, the game ran and looked excellently, if not better than I would have expected. This means that dark sequences of which there are quite a few appear hold a visual advantage on the Quest, with deeper, richer blacks.

The Oculus Quest only has four cameras compared to five on the Oculus Rift S, which can be a source of tracking woes in certain situations. Before starting Half-Life: Alyx, I was mainly concerned about tracking issues with the frequent over-the-shoulder actions used when storing ammo and reloading guns. However, I encountered surprisingly few tracking issues at all.

The inside-out tracking was reliable and the Touch controllers are identical to the Rift S, so you have controller parity when playing via Link. While Alyx can be played seated or in small spaces, I would recommend playing with as much space as possible and with an ample Link cord length. I played in a space that was roughly 2m x 2m with the official Oculus Link cable, and had plenty of slack to move around freely.

This section comes with some pretty heavy disclaimers.

oculus virtual desktop mac

By all accounts, the quality of your experience using Virtual Desktop to stream PC VR games to your Quest varies hugely depending on the game itself, your computer, your router and the physical layout of your space. Something as simple as a wall in between your Quest and your router might cause havoc with the wifi signal from time to time, meaning you might experience stutters. Despite what I say below, you might find that your setup provides a smoother experience than mine.

With those disclaimers out of the way, what I experienced was both very close and very far away from playable. I experienced frequent stutters, frame drops and out of sync audio. The input latency was also very noticeable in combat and when using the gravity gloves. Jamie also played a bit of the game this way and reported a much smoother experience than mine.

He could see some latency in controller movements from time-to-time but very rarely did it effect his ability to play the game.Immersed enables you and others to collaborate remotely by immersing you into the same VR workspace!

Be immersed in your customized workspace on demand! Try For Free! Immersed enables you to focus for hours on end! Multiple Screens! Have multiple virtual monitors of any size in VR to do more faster. Want a change of scenery?

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With our fully mobile solution, you can take Immersed with you anywhere! Be in the same virtual room with up to 7 people! Multiscreen Sharing! Share as many screens as you'd like with others, no matter what computer you're using! Remote Whiteboarding! Brainstorm ideas with others! Use the Immersed whiteboard to stitch your ideas into reality! Buy an Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. Sign up here and accept the invitation! All rights reserved. Privacy Terms. Toggle navigation.

Do More with a VR Workspace. Try Immersed Elite For Free! Immersed in Action. Watch Video Watch Video. And More! Sign up for Immersed!

Download Immersed from Oculus. Be Immersed! Stay tuned by signing up for our mailing list! Download Immersed Today! Do you have an Oculus Quest or Oculus Go?Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email. The latest beta features full head tracking, video playback, and is now available for Windows and Mac. The idea is to surround yourself in a virtual space where you could have any number of virtual monitors around you.

This would allow you to have a huge virtual workspace even if confined to a tiny physical space. We first wrote about Ibex back in September of After getting his Rift on March 29th his was a pre-Kickstarter order! Since then, Wahba has added head tracking on Windows and Mac versions, preliminary Razer Hydra support for navigation with the thumb sticksand stereo video playback with a basic interface video sound may not yet work correctly.

The best part is that as the Rift gets better this will only get sharper and better as well! Wahba is working on implementing further Hydra support, the Bullet Physics Engine, and is also considering Leap Motion support — stay tuned to his dev blog to keep up to date.

See this thread to share feedback on Ibex. Launch only works on Mac Default simple renderer:. Had my eye on this one for a while, would love to see it evolve into a fully functional VR desktop! Maybe because it was in a window?

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Road to VR. Hardware Reviews. Top Picks. Email Address:. Latest Headlines. Apr 10, Black spaces in virtual desktop. Troubleshooting new Rift S. Answered cifa85 views 4 comments 0 points Most recent by sergioschumi March 6 Support. Oculus Link vs virtual desktop. Link Virtual Desktop bad quality. Virtueller Desktop flackert schwarz. Oculus Home virtual desktop bug.

Wireless editor preview on Quest? Answered goldrunt 45 views 1 comment 0 points Most recent by goldrunt January 13 Oculus Quest Development. Oculus Virtual Desktop problem. Using the QuesTON counterweight system as an earphone cable management solution! I'm too low. Virtual Desktop not working.

VR Desktop Brings MacOS To Oculus Rift (Kind Of)

Problems with Virtual Desktop. Tried Virtual Desktop, didn't work. Oculus Rift thumbstick scrolling constantly effecting my desktop. Virtual desktop window pullout - arbitrary decision on which windows I'm allowed to pull out?

Rift s virtual desktop help. Virtual desktop. Browsers in Oculus Go freeze after about 5 minutes of streaming



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